12 Money-Saving Tips for Garage Organization

Want to know how you can organize your garage cheaply? Here are 12 tips for getting organized cheap.

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Garages are the ultimate storage space. They’re big, they’re out of sight and their contents are often forgotten about until we need them. Most garages also have a lot of wasted space because it’s difficult to find a way to store everything neatly- especially when you don’t know what you want to do with your old tools or sports equipment!

The key is to be smart and get organized in advance so that when you go looking for something, it will be where you left it instead of hidden away on some top-shelf or stored at the back of a corner somewhere.

How can I organize my garage cheaply?

Organize your garage to make it neat and accessible all year round.

Want to know how you can organize your garage cheaply? There are lots of ways to save money on your garage organization. Here are some tips for getting organized cheap:

  1. Look at the spaces you have available, consider which ones could bGe used more effectively and create a floor plan. This will help you see how many items can be stored in your existing space without having to buy new storage or garage shelving products.
  2. Bring everything out into the open and see what you have to work with. Organize from there, then put back only what is truly needed and set a tidy up date for 2-3 weeks time.
  3. Weigh up the cost of buying new storage products against the cost of renting or borrowing items that would make good storage products. For example, renting a storage container for 6 months might work out cheaper than buying a shed if you don’t want to buy one long term. Or you can always consider using garage shelves.
  4. Consider how much time you’ll have to build things and organize the garage by yourself or are you likely to spend money on hiring professionals? Either way it’s worth breaking the job down to plan out how much it will cost. 
  5. Decide what you need and the order of priority for those items. For example, building a workshop might be a good idea but only if you’re going to use that workshop often- otherwise, it’s probably not worth it!
  6. Keep tools in their own storage containers that are located where they’re used so you always know where to go when you need them. Have a toolbox for each person or family (so tools don’t get mixed up!) and label it properly.
  7. Use hooks on the walls for things you need easy access to like boxes of nails or a shovel. Things like sports equipment also can be hung from the ceiling if you have beams available and an attic would be a good place to store larger items like boxes.
  8. You can make DIY wall mounted shelves from scaffolding boards and pegboards, that way you can move it around if needed. They’re also easy to make and cheap!
  9. Consider keeping a toolbox filled with things like pliers, screws etc. so that if something goes wrong or breaks, you have an easy fix without having to spend money on hiring a company.
  10. Make sure you have adequate insurance, as it could save you time and money if you ever get into an accident at home or damage your property (unless of course the problem was caused by using cheap or faulty products!).
  11. Keep things clean so that they don’t get damaged from dirt and grime, use a simple wooden box or old crate to store items that are out of season, dirty or just not in use. Label them with a permanent marker so you know what’s inside when you need it!
  12. A good set of drawers and shelves can be a lot cheaper (and easier) than paying for a whole new set of cheap storage units, especially if your garage furniture is looking shabby or needs replacing.

If you want to be more organized and save money at the same time, the tips we’ve provided can help. The first thing you should do is break down your plan into steps and have a budget in mind for how much work you’ll have to do yourself versus what will need professional assistance. Next, decide on the priority of items that are important- build out only those areas that see the most use if possible. When it comes time to organize tools (for example), consider where they’re going to go so they don’t get lost amongst other things like sports equipment or garden supplies.

Final Words

If you are on a tight budget remember to make a plan, sort your things by use, label everything and be creative. Using these tips will save you a lot of time and money while organizing your garage. These are just some money-saving ideas for getting started on your way. Do you have any more?

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